Miss Rebelle (prilbot) wrote in mergerecords,
Miss Rebelle

The desperate things you made me do...


me and a friend are in New York for the Magnetc fields gig, we desperately want tickets so we can do a review on it in the English press.
We have been trying to get press for a while now and no one was telling us yes or no, and now we are getting no response at all.

So basiclly it's taking so long to now be ignored we need to get tickets. If anyone has any spare please get in touch and I can meet you there with the cash (and a bit extra as you'd be helping us out) otherwise I have to spend lots of money on tickets that are A) rubbish B) really overpriced) C) may not get here in time.

If this breaks any comm rules I am forever sorry. Just give the word and I shall delete.

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