Johnny Mathis vs. Diet Pepsi (ostrakos) wrote in mergerecords,
Johnny Mathis vs. Diet Pepsi

Superchunk in NC

The Cat's Cradle is hosting:

August 17th:

"Cy Rawls Has A Posse" Benefit Show:

Polvo/Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan/Double Negative/Fin Fang Foom/Magic Babies ($15)

"Cy Rawls Has A Posse (Part II)" Benefit Show

Superchunk/The Rosebuds/Birds Of Avalon ($25)

Proceeds will go to the Cy Rawls Benevolence Fund to help cover Cy's medical and living expenses.

Cy used to work at Merge and is a pillar of the Triangle music scene. He's also one of the most awesome people you could ever meet. To learn more about what's going on, visit
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