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The Majestic

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Merge Records
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The idea with both Superchunk and Merge was simple: To put out the kinds of records that I would want to buy or listen to every day for a whole summer.
-Mac McCaughan

Run by ostrakos
...trail of dead, 5 rows of teeth, 69 love songs, alf danielson, american music club, angels of epistemology, annie hayden, archers of loaf, beatnik filmstars, big dipper, bio ritmo, bitch magnet, breadwinner, bricks, butterglory, camera obscura, caribou, chapel hill, christina, college radio, conan o'brien, coral, crooked fingers, david cross, david horvath, david kilgour, destroyer, dinosaur jr., dischord records, drive like jehu, durham, east river pipe, elephant 6, erectus monotone, flying nun records, future bible heroes, future of music coalition, ganger, guv'ner, honor role, humidifier, imperial teen, independent music, indie rock, jeneane garofalo, karl hendricks rock band, karl hendricks trio, labradford, lambchop, lou barlow, m. ward, mark robinson's remixes, martin, matt elliot, matt suggs, metal pitcher, neutral milk hotel, norwood cheek, oakley hall, paul burch, peyton reed, phil morrison, pipe, pogoing, polvo, portastatic, pram, punk rock, pure, richard buckner, robert pollard, rock rot and rule, rocket from the crypt, scharpling and wurster, seam, seaweed, shark quest, she & him, simple machines records, slack motherfuckers, slushpuppies, spaceheads, spent, spoon, spott, squirrel nut zippers, stephin merritt, superchunk, survive and advance, teenage fanclub, teenbeat records, tenement halls, the 3d's, the 6ths, the arcade fire, the ashley stove, the broken west, the buzzcocks, the cakekitchen, the cat's cradle, the clean, the clientele, the dynamic truths, the essex green, the fuckers, the gothic archies, the ladybug transistor, the mad scene, the magnetic fields, the meanies, the music tapes, the radar brothers, the renderers, the rock*a*teens, the rosebuds, the shout out louds, the spinanes, the wedding present, the wpa ballclub, third eye foundation, tools in the dryer, touch and go records, versus, wfmu, white whale, wilson, wknc, wwax, wxdu, wxyc, wye oak